Alexandra Izeboud shows her work at GLUE Design Route in Cocoon House

Product designer Alexandra Izeboud has a fascination for the aesthetic and technical properties of materials. The materials that are used, work together in ultra minimalistic designs that are functional, but also allow for the imagination to run wild. During GLUE, she presents her minimalistic OFFSET bookcase and the SUNLIGHT, an interactive lighting object that recreates the versatile character of actual sunlight. Designs that are made for the attentive and curious mind.  

Alexandra is fascinated by materials, connections and modular constructions. In her design process, she often starts by rethinking the functionality and construction of an object. It starts with a fascination and thorough analysis of material specific properties and how different materials can work together that result in functional yet imaginative designs. The work manifests in a ultra minimalistic and undecorated state, allowing for the appreciation of the aesthetics of the materials and the precise constructions itself. Visit GLUE Amsterdam Design Route September 18-20.